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Introduction to the platform

What is is an on-line platform specifically tailored for easy creation of data-centric web applications. The applications that you create on have built-in integration with OpenAI GPT, and they are pre-equipped with a range of integrated features, including options for managing data, advanced searching, tagging, commentary, review systems, timeline tools, calendar utilities, and resource scheduling capabilities.

Strong focus on privacy

Your apps live in your browser.

The applications that you create are running in your web browser. Their functionality is available for personal use on your computer. As of now, these applications do not operate on our cloud. However, plans to introduce a cloud service are in the pipeline. Until then, your applications are solely contained within your web browser.

Your data is stored locally in your browser.

The information you input while operating your applications is stored locally in your browser. This ensures that no one else, except those with direct access to your browser, can access this data.

Backup your apps!

Given that your applications and the data they handle are stored in your browser's local storage, it's essential that you create a backup of this browser data regularly, as well as prior to reinstalling or removing your browser or operating system. This precautionary step will help prevent any potential data loss.

Integration with ChatGPT uses the ChatGPT language model provided by OpenAI to process your AI prompts. Data exchange with OpenAI only occurs when you make an explicit query to the AI in the app, ensuring you have complete control over your data.

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